Sunderland’s first babies of 2014

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MEET Oliver, Katie and Alice Grace – Sunderland’s first three babies born in 2014.

Baby Oliver Campbell was the first arrival of the year, when he made his appearance at 4.44am at Sunderland Royal Hospital, weighing 10lb.

Oliver made his entrance just five minutes before little Katie Plant, who was born at 4.49am as her dad Dan Plant, 28, rushed to get back from his oil rig job in the Gulf of Mexico.

First-time mum Vicky Sizeland, 34, was induced four days before her due date because of Katie’s small size, but she was born healthy weighing 5.8lb.

She was delivered while Vicky’s fiance Dan was on a nine-hour flight back to the UK after being rushed off his oil platform by helicopter.

Grandma Elaine Sizeland, 56, was at mobile beauty therapist Vicky’s side during her labour.

“I was supposed to get induced on Saturday but she was so small,” Vicky, of Silksworth, said.  

“I had a scan yesterday morning and they told me I was coming in. It was a quick run home to grab my bag and come back. Dan was told at the same time.”

She said yesterday: “He doesn’t know she is here. I was still in labour when he got on the plane, so he is the last one to know his daughter is here.”

It was a close race to be the first baby born in 2014 and Oliver’s mum Gemma Tempest, 27, said: “We didn’t think for one second that we were in with a chance.”

Dad Owen Campbell, 26, a software developer, was present at the birth, and was joined later in the morning by big sister Evie, two.

“He made a very speedy entrance,” marketing executive Gemma, of South Hylton, said. “We weren’t expecting it at all. He was 13 days overdue. He was here in less than two hours of labour. I was due to be induced tomorrow. I came in at 3am and had him by 4.44am.”

Completing the trio, little Alice Grace Seabury was born at 5.39am to Sarah, 28, and husband James, 30, both town planners.

The 7.8lb tot had been due to make her entrance on December 20, making her 12 days overdue.

First-time mum Sarah, of Tunstall, said: “She was obviously very comfortable where she was.

“She had to be delivered by forceps, but made it eventually. She was happy all through the birth. It was dramatic for mammy, but fine for baby.”




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