Sunderland fishermen’s shark hits the spot with shoppers

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STEAKS of Whitburn’s very own Jaws have been 
snapped up by hungry Wearsiders.

The 7ft shark was caught by Wearside fishermen from the Star Devine who sold the unusual catch to Latimer’s Seafood Deli.

It took four men to lift the shark from the van when it was delivered to the deli.

Latimer’s worker Megan William, 19, from Whitburn, said the shark fillets were popular.

“They were all gone by Saturday,” she said. “They were sold for £4.50 per kilo and they went really fast.

“I think some people had seen it in the Echo and it encouraged them to try it.”

Megan said that the shark was cut into more than 100 steaks.

“The gutting and filleting was a big job for our boys.

“I wanted to have a try of the steak, but it was all gone before I got off work.”

The shark was a Porbeagle breed and is an endangered species, but because the shark was dead when it was pulled up in the fishing net, Latimer’s was happy to sell it to curious customers.

Megan said: “It is quite similar to tuna or swordfish, and it’s great pan-fried or on the BBQ.”