Shock for pupils as UFO lands at school

Forensic teams have been scouring the grounds of a city school after an alien invasion.

Pupils looked on in amazement when a UFO landed at Hylton Red House Primary School, bringing lessons to a sharp halt.

But – rather than being the creation of little green men – the spacecraft, which appeared as a surprise to pupils, was put together by staff as part of a three- week space project.

Headteacher Steve Williamson said: "The pupils knew nothing about the spaceship landing and there were a lot of surprised faces.

"There was plenty of goo, smoke and lights and we tried to make it as real as possible. The local community police officers came along, as well as the forensics team.

"The children were shocked as the staff put on a very believable show, but the project has been designed to engage the pupils and help them with the development of their writing.

"As part of the project they will be writing stories, doing police-style reports and their own detective work."

Mr Williamson added: "We have been in Special Measures for some time, but this serves as a boost to learning to show parents how hard the staff are working."