See Sunderland mum’s transformation after going from a size 20 to 12

Now Janine is a health size 12 after dropping four dress sizes.

Now Janine is a health size 12 after dropping four dress sizes.

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A Sunderland mum has undergone an amazing transformation after dropping from a size 20 to a size 12.

Janine Carter, 26, from Ford Estate, said she feels like a different person after losing nearly four stone after the birth of her second son.

The mum of two said she was shocked into losing the weight after seeing photos of herself on holiday in Bulgaria last year and decided to take action by joining Weight Watchers.

She said: “I have been with Weight Watchers three times now, but this is the first time I have managed to get the gold award.

“When I joined in July 2015, I was 13 stone 11lb and a size 18-20, but less than a year later I have managed to lose nearly four stone and I am now 10 stone 2lb and a size 12. It feels amazing.

“The first time I joined Weight Watchers I had just had my little boy Kayden, who is now five, and I lost three and a half stone then.

“Then I stopped, but started again when I was getting married and lost two stone.

“This time I joined after having my second son Elliott, who is just 17 months.”

Before joining, Janine would skip breakfast and have a sandwich such as tuna on white bread for dinner, then snack on crisps and chocolate before having a takeaway or a frozen meal with chips for tea.

Now it’s a completely different story, with Janine making every effort to make all her meals from scratch and follow Weight Watchers’ approved recipes.

She credits her Weight Watchers leader Hayley Foulger for her support throughout her weight loss journey.