Seaham lad Mick finds a stairway to Heaven

A County Durham Led Zeppelin fan was left stunned when his hero popped into an annual summer fair.

Mick Hudspeth was preparing for the annual fete at the community centre he manages when rock legend Robert Plant stopped by to offer his support.

Robert then offered one of his guitars as a lot in the fair's auction.

Mick, originally from Seaham but now living in London, was left stunned after the highest bidder offered a staggering 1,200 for the instrument at Primrose Hill Community Centre.

The former Northlea School pupil often meets celebrities who live in the exclusive area of London, with some calling in to the centre to pick up their children from its activities.

Mick, who had seen the singer/ songwriter in the area before but had not had the chance to speak to his idol, saw Led Zeppelin play at Knebworth when he was 16.

The 46-year-old, who lives with his partner and their two children, said: "I was out putting the bunting up the day before the summer fair and up comes Robert Plant, who was in the area recording.

"He said he had a guitar he would like to donate and asked about what to do.

"He was a very nice bloke, very down to earth and quite laid back.

"He signed the guitar and had his photo taken with the volunteers, but said he was off to Nashville to record with Alison Krauss."

Others who live near the centre include MP and Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change Ed Miliband, actors Jude Law and Daniel Craig, and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver.

Mick was a fireman in Seaham before moving to London, and has also worked for Mencap and Age Concern.

He still visits mum Hilda, 74, who lives in Northdene Avenue, and sisters Janice Acton, 48, and Glenis Davison, 50, in Seaham when he can.