Rayman Jungle Run: iOS/Android: Action: £1.99

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WOULD you believe that Rayman has been romping around on consoles for more than 17 years?

 Reinvented countless times to breathe new life into the loose-limbed lead character’s adventures, Rayman titles have always combined smart, tight gameplay with colourful, attractive graphics and a healthy dose of humour. Jungle Run harnesses all three attributes once again, creating a smartphone and tablet-specific experience that will test your powers of rhythm, timing and patience to perform the perfect left-to-right sprint across 40 superbly designed platform levels.

 With each lasting around 30 seconds, it’s the perfect pick-up-and-play game for when you have a spare 10 minutes, but you’ll find yourself scheduling a much longer session when you go back through the levels on the hunt for 100 golden lums.

 Requiring precision and sharp reflexes, Jungle Run is a brilliant showcase for how a simple yet expertly executed game premise can quite rightly rule the roost on the latest gaming technology.