Posters branded bare-bottomed man a love rat

Pasha Cummings has become the butt of every joke – after posters branding him a love rat were plastered across his home town.

The 40-year-old, whose real name is Gordon, got a shock when posters showing his bare backside appeared overnight on hundreds of walls, lampposts and bus stops in Seaham.

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They showed Pasha baring his bottom and accused him of being a lying, cheating two-timer.

Pasha does not know who put the posters up but believes it may have been his ex-wife Carol, who now lives in Cyprus. She has strongly denied the allegation.

He said he split from Carol, 44, in September last year, and started a relationship with his boss Sandra Beckworth, also 44, two months later.

Many of the posters were glued outside of the care home in Seaham where Sandra is a manager and Pasha a care manager.

Pasha said: "I did not cheat on Carol when we were together."

He and Sandra have now moved in together. "I would never have started with Pasha unless I thought his marriage was over," she said.

Carol Cummings's son, Ben Firth, 19, from Seaham, said he had spoken to her and she knew nothing about the posters – although she thought they were very funny.

He said: "I spoke to my Mam a few days after the posters appeared and she said she didn't know anything about them.

"She did say that she thought it was very funny but didn't want to comment further."

A spokesman for Easington District Council said: "We were not involved in taking the posters down but we believe there were around 200 fliers posted.

"The council does not tolerate fly-posting."

Durham Police said no complaints had been received and the incident was not a force matter.