Mum’s Life: ‘I’m sure he’ll grow out of it...’

Tate's new look
Tate's new look
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TAKE note, never let your child’s dad style their hair because this is what happens!

I’ve been growing Tate’s hair because every time he gets it cut he seems to look older and older.

I decided a few months ago that I wanted him to have long hair again, so he’s just been having the occasional trim.

His dad decided that as it’s now long he’s allowed to style it with hair products and as you can see from the picture poor Tate is being subjected to his dad’s over-the-top creativity.

I had to take a picture, as it is the rule as a parent to keep such embarrassing evidence for later on in life, then I tamed it back into a more suitable style.

If that’s what he does to his hair there is no way I’m letting him loose on his wardrobe.

AS it was Easter last weekend Tate has spent his time trying to eat as many chocolate eggs as he could get his hands on.

His grandad hid his body weight in Easter eggs around my brother’s garden for Tate and his two cousins to find. All three of them were soon clutching more eggs and sweets than they could carry.

I chose not to buy him chocolate and opted for an Easter outfit instead, but his dad made sure he still got his chocolate fix along with all of our other relations.

I’d love to know how they think a two-year-old is going to eat such a huge quantity of chocolate – maybe I’ll have to give him a hand.

TATE is going through a phase of calling all adults by their first names – what’s the problem you ask?

Well there is no problem until he starts calling me Cara and his dad John.

He thinks it’s hilarious so I’ve stared ignoring him when he does it, but his dad rises to it every time which just makes Tate shout it louder and for longer.

We really are in the midst of the terrible twos. Tate seems to want to push the boundaries on everything and he’s quick to realise what winds us up.

At the moment he screams when I put him in the bath, then he screams when I take him out of the bath, he doesn’t want to get into the car, then he doesn’t want to get out, it’s impossible to please him.

However, when he’s not being a monkey he is such a pleasant child. I’m so pleased he has such a kind nature and he is so confident. I can take him into any room full of strangers and he’ll interact with them all as if he has known them all his life.

It always reminds me that I shouldn’t dwell on the naughty behaviour as I’m sure he will grow out of this one day!