Katie Bulmer-Cooke: Getting into the Christmas spirit

I'm a rubbish skater ' a real Bambi on ice, says Katie.
I'm a rubbish skater ' a real Bambi on ice, says Katie.
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I’m just back from hosting the National Fitness Awards in Leicester and wow, what an incredible event.

When I got this gig I literally filled up – it’s huge to me, having the opportunity to stand in front of my industry and help honour the best that fitness has to offer.

During the day, I was asked to speak at The National Fitness Conference.

I spoke about social media and how best to use it to grow your business and generate some great PR.

The venue for the event was the National Space Centre, again in Leicester, and it was so cool.

I delivered my keynote in the planetarium with planets and stars floating on the walls – amazing, and definitely worth a visit as a family to learn all about the wonders of space.

Now I’m back home, I’m starting to get into the Christmas spirit (I still haven’t bought any presents yet) but we have put the tree up.

My neighbour Sarah thinks I need more lights, I said I like the minimal look, but she insists I must try and match the 800 lights she has on her tree! I’ll do my best I promise, Sarah.

I can’t wait to see everyone else in the street get their outdoor decorations up... especially John and Keith, who really go all out.

I’d get involved too but I don’t think we could beat their efforts...and I hate losing. This week I can’t wait to watch my little Heidi in her Christmas play at school.

She’s starring as a snowflake and I’ll have the tissues at the ready – I can be such a softie. I’m sure I’m not alone though, it’s a parent’s prerogative.

Have you been ice skating in Keel Square yet?

I’m going to give it a shot this week. Simon and Heidi went last week and loved it. I’m a rubbish skater...a real Bambi on ice.

So I’m firmly getting in the swing of the festive season, and I hope you are too!

See you in The Bridges for some Christmas shopping (support your local traders!).