Dad’s Life: ‘No moaning!’

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ISAAC has been wearing the same scruffy pair of trainers for months.

They started off as a brightly-coloured trendy pair of shoes that he initially hated.

The more scruffier they became, the more he loved them, however, and he has rarely been seen without them since Christmas.

Now they are not only a mucky shade of mud, they are also too small and have developed holes in their soles.

Isaac has still taken some persuading out of them.

I offered to take him into town to buy a new pair. He refused. Something along the lines of “I don’t want to be seen by my mates buying new trainers with my balding middle-aged father.”

That didn’t offend me, neither did the prospect of saving the small fortune the trainers would undoubtedly cost.

Last weekend, however, we were in Glasgow.

He considered the likelihood of being spotted in sports shops with his balding middle-aged father somewhat reduced.

To the point where he was prepared to try on several new pairs of trainers.

Despite our best efforts he couldn’t find the perfect pair he so desired.

Back home, he found a website where he could literally design his own, including the shape and colours.

They’ll take four weeks to arrive and I’m £90 (yes £90) worse off, but the boy is happy.

But not as happy as I’ll be as I finally throw his current pair in the bin.

NO moaning or complaining! Both my boys trudged back to school earlier this week with barely a whimper.

Neither would admit it, but after more than two weeks off, the lads were bored and ready to return.

It’s not going to be an easy run-in to the summer break however.

Sixteen-year-old Gabriel has the small matter of his AS-levels while his younger brother Isaac, 14, has an end-of-year test in each of his subjects.

One of my sons spent his Easter break sensibly preparing for his forthcoming exams.

Isaac on the other hand ...

NEXT month Gabriel will start driving lessons. Hard to believe, but true.

It’s a huge step forward for him, with the promise of increased independence and the ability to travel so much further under his own steam.

It might also mean an easier time for my wife and I, with less need for the taxi service we grudgingly provide.

The downside, however, is considerable.

Insurance quotes so far are around the £2,000 mark!