Dad’s Life - August 25

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ISAAC’S hectic summer holidays have continued at a pace.

I thought once he’d finished his travels to Thailand, Scarborough and London he might take some time just to chill and relax.

I should have known better. For while Gabriel has rarely been out of the house and only been out with his mates twice, Isaac seems determined to pack as much in to his holidays as possible.

He’s enjoyed various sleep-overs, trips to the cinemas, been down to the beach, had a trip to Shields fair and been into town and through to Newcastle on many occasions.

He’s been hard to keep track of, to be honest.

I think it’s great, he’s doing exactly what he should be doing during a holiday – enjoying himself.

I CAN scarcely remember being as nervous as I was this morning.

After weeks of being in limbo, 16-year-old Gabriel left home to pick up his GCSE results.

I was sick with worry. I couldn’t eat and struggled to think of anything else other than how my boy had done.

Today has been a long time in coming, After his final GCSE Gabriel and his mum and I put August 25 to the back of our minds.

Over the last few days, however, many of our conversations have turned to how he may have done in specific subjects.

Eventually, the lad had had enough and barred us from talking about his exams.

That nervousness was certainly still there this morning.

For me too, and I still don’t know how he’s done ... I’ll let you know in my next column.

GABRIEL has started showing an interest in driving.

He will be old enough to take to the roads next year, so I guess it’s only natural.

But his interest is becoming a bit disconcerting.

After driving for nearly 30 years, it has become second-nature to me, so it has been strange talking him through what I’m doing behind the wheel and why.

I’ve already decided his mum will make a better “instructor” than I when it comes to taking him out next year.