Cheryl, Shearer or Scarlett? Which North East celeb is the No. 1 ‘pumpkin portrait’?

Some of the North East’s most famous faces have been made the subject of special ‘pumpkin portraits’ for Halloween.

Hylton Castle. Picture: Amy Pattis.

10 of the North East’s most haunted places to visit this Halloween

Days before costumed creatures, full of festive spirit, take over the streets we have put together a list of places to remember the region’s ghost stories.

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What was your favourite moment of The Walking Dead season 7 opener?

Five things we learned from The Walking Dead season seven premiere

After a seven-month wait to find out which main character was killed by super-villain Negan, The Walking Dead fans finally got the answer to the question they'd been agonising over since the spring when the hit zombie show returned for its seventh season last night.

My hamster is ill. is an odd excuse to escape a night out

The 10 weirdest excuses people have used to dodge a night out

It’s my goldfish’s birthday, I’ve broken my leg and we’re trying for a baby are some of the oddest excuses used by Brits to get out of a night out, according to a new survey.

Will you be carving a pumpkin this Halloween?

Morrisons launches in-store pumpkin carving lessons for parents

It’s the time of year when pumpkins are transformed into something ghoulish for Halloween.

Will you be watching the Great British Bake Off final on Wednesday?

As we pre-heat our ovens for the Bake Off final let's recap on who we've lost already

It’s been another season of burnt biscuits and showstopping cakes - the nation has been gripped by series 7 of the Great British Bake Off.

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Eating and not paying for supermarket fruit is among the micro-crimes committed by three out of four Brits.

11 'micro-crimes' you've probably committed

Three-quarters of Brits are what is described as ‘micro-criminals’ - committing tiny crimes in shops and online to get a better deal.

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You could see up to 25 shooting stars an hour as the Earth intersects the orbit of Halleys Comet.

Will I need a telescope to see the Orionid meteor shower this weekend?

Head outside one evening this weekend and you may well see the annual Orionids meteor shower in Britain’s skies.

How well do you know your horror movies?

Quiz: How well do you know your horror movies?

They've been keeping us awake since they slashed onto the movie scene in the 1920s, so how well do you know horror movies?

Household chores

Which of these is your most disliked household chore?

It's a depressing thought - but a new study has revealed you will spend nearly eight years of your life doing household chores.

Emmett George Hodgson, 12 weeks. Picture: Paul Hodgson.

Halloween 2016 is almost here - send us your Spooky Snaps

October has officially arrived - and that means it's time for Halloween, and Spooky Snaps!

Why leaves on the line might delay your train journey

'Leaves on the line' might sound like an old British Rail excuse for poor punctuality, but it's a very real problem for rail operators at this time of year.
Which gin are you?

International Gin & Tonic Day: Which gin are you?

Today, we’re allowed to get extra excited about it being hump day, because October 19 is totally dedicated to gin!

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Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in Game of Thrones. Picture: HBO.

These are the top pop culture Halloween costumes of 2016

Halloween costumes are increasingly being influenced by the TV shows and films we watch.
Will you support the campaign? Picture: Press Association.

Caitlin Moran launches crowdfunding bid for more Raised By Wolves

Author Caitlin Moran has launched a Kickstarter campaign to pay for new episodes of her critically acclaimed comedy Raised By Wolves.

Check your pockets if you bought a ticket in this draw.

It could be you! £1m EuroMillions ticket still unclaimed on Teesside

A million-pound winning lottery tickets remains unclaimed on Teesside

Will you try any of these pumpkin hacks this Halloween?

6 unusual things to do with a pumpkin

We’re accustomed to seeing pumpkins with evil faces every Halloween but there are plenty of other uses for our favourite Autumn vegetable.

The Crystal Maze special

5 things we loved about the Crystal Maze revival

It may have been more than two decades since it last aired, but The Crystal Maze’s one-off revival to raise money for Stand Up For Cancer was tipped as one of 2016’s TV highlights as soon as it was announced. And so it proved, in what was a ridiculously entertaining hour.

The English language can get us all confused.

'Off your own back' and four other common English phrases you may be using incorrectly

English is a language rich with imagery, meaning and metaphor – and when we want to express ourselves we can draw upon a canon replete with beautifully turned phrases, drawing from the language’s Latin, French and Germanic roots, through Chaucer and Shakespeare right up to myriad modern wordsmiths – not to mention those apt aphorisms that English has appropriated from other languages.

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Britain to spend a frightening £310million on Halloween

Money spent on Halloween is expected to soar above £300million for the first time this year - thanks to the under 35s.

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