UKIP’s Neil Hamilton campaigning in Sunderland

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UKIP’S European election campaign headed to Sunderland.

The party’s deputy chairman, Neil Hamilton, visited Seaham’s Church Street, before stopping at the Westminster pub in Sunderland’s High Street West and the city’s Blandford Street.

The former Tory MP said: “If I’d been walking through the centre in the days of old, wearing a blue rosette, it would have been rather different, but we had a great time.

“We know from the polls that the North East is the most Euro-sceptic part of England. It has been a one-party state for such a long time, and Labour has let the British people down, the industrial heartland.”

In the European elections, voters pick their preferred party, rather than candidate.

The party’s first candidate in the May 22 elections is Jonathan Arnott, followed by Richard Elvin from Easington Lane, and Phillip Broughton.

An Independence from Europe is fielding Sherri Forbes, Nawal Hizan and Mary Forbes.

The British National Party has put forward Martin Vaughan, Lady Dorothy MacBeth Brooke and Peter Foreman.

Martin Callanan, Ben Houchen and Andrew Lee are Conservative candidates.

The English Democrats have put forward Kevin Riddiough, Sam Kelly and John Lewis.

The Green Party’s Shirley Ford, Alison Whalley and Caroline Robinson have been lined up as representatives. The Labour Party’s June Kirton-Darling, Paul Brannen and Jayne Shotton are its candidates.

Angelika Schneider, Owen Temple and Christian Vassie are the Liberal Democrats prospective members of the European Parliament.




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