Obama reelection reflects social change, says Durham expert

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BARACK Obama’s re-election is a “clear affirmation” of an emerging Democratic majority in American politics, according to a Durham University expert.

Professor John Dumbrell, of Durham’s School of Government and International Affairs, said President Obama’s victory over Mitt Romney also indicated a secure future for health care reform in the US.

Professor Dumbrell, who specialises in Anglo-American relations, said: “The narrow re-election of President Obama saw the clear affirmation of an emerging Democratic majority in American politics – a coalition of African-American, Latino, and younger voters, especially younger female voters.

“The victory, though narrow, indicated the problems faced by the Republican Party in adjusting to social change in the United States.

“Obama’s victory indicates a secure future for his major legislative achievement, health care reform, though it leaves open the question of whether crucial budget deals can be struck with the US Congress, control of which continues to be split between Democrats and Republicans.”

He added: “Obama’s win was generally welcomed outside America, with most European leaders apparently welcoming the continuity represented by the return of Barack Obama to the White House.”

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