Murton Brass Band brings back mining memories

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A BRASS band marked a milestone in mining history at a Wearside care home.

Murton Brass Band played for residents of Dairy Lane Care Centre in Houghton in recognition of strikes at the area’s pits 30 years ago.

Activities co-ordinator Jackie Toolin said: “With it being the anniversary of the miners’ strike, we thought it would be good for them to come along so people can remember their heritage and enjoy the entertainment.”

Joan Ferguson, 85, a day resident, said: “They were lovely” after listening to the tunes, while resident Doris Elliott, 92, said: “It’s brought back some memories for me.”

Tracy Reay, the band’s secretary, said: “We do a lot of things like this where they bring music to the community and we’re a good, friendly band and we have a good laugh and have a bit of banter.”




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