How running is helping a Sunderland student fight anorexia

Student Abigail Suter will be running the Sunderland 10K in May.

Student Abigail Suter will be running the Sunderland 10K in May.


A RECOVERED anorexic whose weight plummeted to five-and-a-half stone is running to raise awareness of eating disorders.

Abigail Suter, who suffered with anorexia and bulimia between the ages of 12 and 19, is taking part in the Sunderland City 10K on May 4 in aid of the eating disorder charity Beat.

The Sunderland University student, 21, said she started cutting her food down and making herself sick because she was bullied.

Abigail, who lives in Scotia Quay, in Sunderland’s East End, with boyfriend David Kennedy, 22, said: “I didn’t realise the consequences it would have.

“As I got older, I started to realise the consequences – but I couldn’t stop.

“I was very good at hiding it. My parents never realised and I only told one or two people.”

“I slowly started to realise what I was doing, and when I got to about 17 or 18, I started to feel more normal and knew I didn’t need to do that.”

Abigail, who is studying magazine journalism at university, said she thought she was recovered when she relapsed two years ago.

She added: “I broke down one night and told my boyfriend everything. He has helped me to recover.

“Now I feel like I can open up about it, and that if I open up about it, I can let other people know what the experience of the disease is really like.”

Abigail, originally from Rotherham, has changed her lifestyle – she has become vegan and is interested in health and fitness – and says she wants to put that to good use to raise awareness of the conditions.

She said: “I was in a shop and I saw badges for Beat so I looked for some more information on it.

“It was so hard for me to get over it. I feel like if I can raise some money and awareness of the disease then I might be able to help other people.

“If I had known about the charity, I feel like it would have helped me.”

So far Abigail has raised £90 from asking friends and family for sponsorship, but she is hoping to raise a lot more.

She added: “I want to push the word out there and raise more. It’s quite emotional for me to be running for this charity.”

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