‘Horror film-style’ scenes as wasps swarm Sunderland home

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A FAMILY were faced with a scene “like something out of a horror film” when wasps swarmed their home after building a nest.

Hundreds of the insects chewed through wood in the eaves of Susan and Frank Allen’s home in Boston Street, Town End Farm.

They were left feeling helpless after being told by landlord Gentoo they would have to pay a council team £50 to clear the nest, then the same again if the first attempt to remove it failed.

However, the couple were unable to afford the treatment.

Housewife Susan, 57, suffers from a host of health problems including asthma and depression, has cancer of the kidney and has had a heart attack.

She said the situation has caused them stress and sleepless nights worrying that the wasps will get in and create more nests.

Susan, who has lived in the house for 20 years, said: “It was like something out of a horror film, I’ve never seen anything like it in my life.

“We had to keep the back door closed in case they got in, the grandkids couldn’t play out or go to the sandpit and we had to keep the windows locked all the time.

“If we needed to go out the back door to put the rubbish out, we had to run to the bin and back.

“We pay our rent and council tax, but it’s their property, not ours.”

Susan and biscuit factory worker Frank, 59, were concerned they and their children Steven, 37, Mark, 33, Lee, 29, and Donna, 27, their eight grandchildren and cats Garfield and Coffee would be stung by the wasps. Mark’s partner Louise Brown, 29, is also allergic to the stings.

Within hours of the nest being spotted, huge numbers of wasps could be seen up against the nearby bedroom window.

Gentoo confirmed it is tenants’ responsibility to cover the cost of clearing wasp nests but were not aware of the trouble the Allens had.

They have since been told Gentoo will help to get rid of the pests and the company’s Money Matters team will also offer the family help.

Michelle Meldrum, managing director of Gentoo Operations, said: “Gentoo offers a range of support for our customers who are suffering from hardship. We are working closely with Mr and Mrs Allen to resolve this situation and identify any support they may need.”




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