Green danger at A690 accident blackspot

Long grass obstructing the view of drivers approaching the  Newbottle junction at Stoneygate on the A690.

Long grass obstructing the view of drivers approaching the Newbottle junction at Stoneygate on the A690.

A MOTORIST has called for better maintenance work at an accident black-spot junction.

Guy Greenwell lives just a few hundred yards from the A690 junction with Newbottle at Stoneygate, the scene of numerous serious road traffic accidents over the past decade.

The 70-year-old says that grass had been allowed to grow so long in the central reservation that it became “extremely dangerous” for drivers trying to cross the carriageway, which has a 50mph limit.

“All sorts of accidents have happened there, as well as a few fatalities,” said Mr Greenwell, of Newbottle.

“The grass has been getting increasingly long and in some cars, you just can’t see into the carriageway.”

Retired Mr Greenwell says he called the council to report his concern, but was initially told that the grass would not be cut until May 27 as a lane of the carriageway will have to be closed.

Since he complained, the grass has actually now been cut.

“I was gobsmacked when they told me that because it is extremely dangerous,” said Mr Greenwell.

“I’m not a whingey person, but I can see this causing a serious accident if it isn’t sorted soon.”

Independent councillor Colin Wakefield says ideally the grass should be removed and Astroturf put in its place. “This is part of a well-known problem at this dangerous junction,” he said.

“It is most frustrating at the time it takes to get any resolution. I have pressed for a long-term solution for years and still we wait. It is just not good enough.

“The council can find a substantial sum of money to re-align St Mary’s Way in Sunderland city centre, but cannot carry out essential changes at a junction with a record of significant accidents, including fatalities.” In response, council leader, Councillor Paul Watson, said: “Maintenance works on the city’s strategic routes, including cutting grass verges, are scheduled to be undertaken twice a year.

“These works are scheduled because of the necessary lane or road closures.

“Works on the A690 are due to begin from Tuesday, May 27.”




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