Drawing inspiration! Artist’s Mandela tribute

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A FAMILIAR face greeted shoppers as they passed through Sunderland’s Market Square.

As part of the international celebrations for the late Nelson Mandela’s birthday, the team from the city centre’s new Business Improvement District (BID) decided to create its own unique tribute.

Bosses commissioned pavement artist Davey Wilkinson to produce a stunning chalk portrait of the former South African president.

Davey, from North Shields, has been producing works of public art for more than 30 years, but yesterday’s piece was something special.

“I do lots of projects, but this is a one-off,” he said.

“We have had lots of people stopping to have a look. I’ve made an effort to talk to the youngsters and let them know who Nelson Mandela was.”

To mark the former South African President’s birthday, July 18 has been declared International Mandela Day, a worldwide campaign to inspire people to change the world for the better.

“The businesses in Sunderland have really got behind this,” said Ken Dunbar, chief executive of the BID.

“Sunderland has already strong links with the Mandela Foundation through SAFC and we, like many millions around the world, feel it is vital his life and work continue to be remembered.”




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