50 Shades of Anger – Sunderland domestic violence charity calls for erotic novel to be burned

Clare Phillipson is leading a campaign against the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books which she says could encourage abuse.

Clare Phillipson is leading a campaign against the Fifty Shades of Grey series of books which she says could encourage abuse.

BIN this “disgusting” book – a campaign against saucy saga Fifty Shades has been launched amid claims it incites violence towards women

The erotic books, which carry strong sadism and masochism themes, became the fastest-selling paperbacks of all time when they were released earlier this year and have been flying off the shelves ever since.

But Clare Phillipson, director of the women’s refuge, today called for the trilogy – led by Fifty Shades of Grey – to be binned.

“It’s absolutely disgusting,” she told the Echo. “It normalises abuse, degrades women and encourages sexual violence.

“With it being in the media so much many men and women have rushed out to buy it, and many have come to me and told me how distressed they are by what’s written.

“Passages in it are about women submitting to men, obeying their orders and violence being used in a sexual and erotic manner. It’s disgusting and sends out the wrong message.”

Clare said the books also send out a confusing message to vulnerable women about how they should behave sexually.

“I’ve come across people who have been confused by it, people who have been enraged by it and others that are bewildered.

“Some women come away thinking ‘is this how I should be behaving in the bedroom’ and ‘is there something wrong with me because I’m not’ and that’s not right.

“It sends out the idea that this kind of Mr Rochester character is a heroic romantic and masculine in his domination.

“Really he controls the powerless, unworldly girl who must submit to his temper. It is not how a relationship between a man and woman should be.”

Today, Wearside Women in Need is launching its Fifty Shades of Abuse campaign and is urging anyone who has bought the book to bin it.

The charity plans on collecting all of the books until November 5, when it will hold a bonfire and burn the books in protest against the content.

Clare said: “In this day and age, books like this should not be written.

“They send out the wrong message and are in fact encouraging abuse, sexism and misogyny.”

A spokeswoman for Random House, which publishes the series, said: “The Fifty Shades trilogy is a work of romantic fiction and the sex scenes in the book are entirely consensual and the woman involved is a willing participant.”

The books can be dropped off at bins at Wearside Women in Need’s head office in Front Street, Concord.

What is it?

FIFTY Shades of Grey is an erotic novel by British author EL James.

Set largely in Seattle, it is the first instalment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between college graduate Anastasia Steele and a young business magnate, Christian Grey.

It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage and discipline, dominance and submission and sadism and masochism.

The series, which has been dubbed mummy porn and includes Fifty Shades of Darker and Fifty Shades of Freed, has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide.

It set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing JK Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Women going wild

WOMEN have been going wild for porn since the launch of the trashy trilogy.

Sales of erotic literature and porn magazines rocketed by 130 per cent in July and the number of girls buying sex aids more than doubled.

Retail bosses claim women are buying the magazines and toys after being inspired by scenes in the raunchy book.

Sex shop chain Ann Summers sold out of the book six times in two weeks and reported sales of crops and whips rising by 15 per cent, blindfolds by 60 per cent and bondage ties by 35 per cent.

Quotes from the book:

MOST of the quotes flagged up by Wearside Women In Need were too explicit to publish. But some of them include:

•“Lower,” he orders. “Good. Don’t let go. If you do, I’ll spank you. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

•And he hits me again and again. From somewhere deep inside, I want to beg him to stop. But I don’t. I don’t want to give him the satisfaction.

•Reaching forward, he trails the tip of the crop from my forehead down the length of my nose, so I can smell the leather, and over my parted panting lips.

•“Suck,” he commands, his voice soft. My mouth closes over the tip as I obey.




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