Lax airport security claims rejected by Durham Tees Valley bosses

Durham Tees Valley Airport.
Durham Tees Valley Airport.
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BOSSES at Durham Tees Valley Airport today dismissed claims it was not carrying out “robust” security checks on passengers.

A leaked email from a UK Border Agency official complained to managers about not being allowed to physically see passengers on private jets, saying it was at odds with national policy and created an unnecessary gap in border security.

The official also claimed relaxed checks in March, created a situation where staff were not able to secure the border as “robustly” as they would like to, for no justifiable reason.

But airport manager Shaun Woods said: “I want people to be absolutely clear that, the decisions on how to implement border controls are a matter for the UK Border Agency with whom we work very closely.

“I also want people to know that any suggestion passengers or crew could pass through the airport without undergoing the appropriate checks required by the UK Border Agency is plain wrong.”