Houghton and Sunderland MP joins fight to save our bees

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A SUNDERLAND group aims to create a buzz to highlight the plight of British bees.

Wearside Friends of the Earth (FoE) garnered support from Houghton and Sunderland South MP Bridget Phillipson, to help reverse the decline of honey and wild bees.

They are calling for an urgent Bee Action Plan to be put in place by the Government.

Research by Friends of the Earth shows that without bees, it would cost the UK at least £1.8billion every year to hand-pollinate our crops.

David Robert Hann, of Wearside FOE, said: “Without bees our food prices would rise and the quality of our produce will fall.

“Many of the plants and wildlife in our parks, gardens and countryside depend on bees too.”

Mrs Phillipson said: “I am happy to call for a stakeholder group to be convened to draw up a plan in line with scientific evidence, which ensures the way we farm our food and plan our towns and cities is good for bees and other pollinators.”

Loss of natural habitat is one of several causes of the bee decline.

In response, campaigners on Wearside are calling on people to make their gardens, streets and communities bee-friendly.

People can sow bee-friendly seeds and plant bee-friendly flowers such as mixed wildflowers packets, single-flowering roses, open and flat-headed flowers such as verbena.

Also, provide a small amount of rainwater in a shallow birdbath or tray which honeybees need to keep their hive at the right temperature.

For more visit www.foe.co.uk/bees.