Children’s yoga classes in Sunderland and Washington

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LITTLE legs are limbering up for kids yoga classes.

Teacher Adele Ritchie has started special classes in Washington and Sunderland to introduce children aged three and over to the ancient Indian practice of physical and mental exercise.

She has launched the classes at Arts Centre Washington and Raich Carter Centre in Hendon after sessions proved successful in her classroom.

Adele, from Washington Village, said: “The sessions are based around children’s stories and then we do poses based on the characters. It’s gentle exercise for the children and it’s not competitive, there’s no winner at the end, so it’s great for children who aren’t sporty.”

Adele, who teaches at a school in Newcastle, added: “You notice a real change in the children. Particularly in the relaxation section at the end. When they first start, they struggle to concentrate for that bit but after a few sessions it’s a part they actually look forward to.”

The 45-minute sessions are aimed at children aged up to 11 but will be aimed at younger ones at first.

They run on Fridays at 4.30pm at Arts Centre Washington and on Saturdays at 9am at Raich Carter Centre.

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