Half the woman she used to be – slimmer loses 16 stone

Sue Thompson
Sue Thompson
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LIFE has begun again for mum Sue Thompson after she shed a mammoth 16 stone.

The 32-year-old has lost more than half her body weight and dropped 10 dress sizes.

Sue Thompson before her weightloss

Sue Thompson before her weightloss

Sue, of Chester-le-Street, pledged to save her health after fearing her 27st 8lb frame would kill her in her sleep.

Now she weighs in at 11st 5.5lb, and has been named Slimming World Consultant Slimmer of the Year.

“I’d sort of accepted that being overweight was my fate,” she said.

“I genuinely believed it would kill me – which is scary because I was only 37.

“I used to go to bed at night and wonder if that might be the night I didn’t wake up.”

The mum-of-one, to Jessica Ray, 15, joined a slimming group in 2010, but kept it a secret from her family for weeks.

“I was totally embarrassed. I was terrified I’d be too big for the scales – I even made my friend check with the consultant first – and I worried I’d be the biggest person there.”

Sue, married to Shaun, 44, started following a meal plan, and lost 10st within the first year.

“I always say I’m not on a diet, I just eat healthily now,” she said. “I’ve got a different relationship with food.”

Sue, who wore a dress size 32, and now wears a size 12, has been overweight since school.

“I knew I wasn’t one of the skinny girls,” she said.

“But it never affected me and I wasn’t bullied or anything.

“As I got older I started to gain more weight but even embarrassing situations, like the time I cracked a sunbed at a tanning salon, didn’t motivate me to lose weight.

“That changed when I had Jess, I hated the idea that I might be an embarrassment to her or Shaun.

“They never said anything, but I always worried about how my weight impacted on them.”

Sue struggled to move around because of her size, and couldn’t walk far without becoming out of breath.

“I couldn’t walk and talk, and I’d always take the lift instead of the stairs, or choose the parking space nearest the supermarket.

“I felt like Jess missed out because we couldn’t do things together, so I’m making up for lost time since losing weight.”