Great gran's dog attack horror

A great-grandmother spent four days in hospital after she was savaged in the street by a dog.

Pauline Harvey and her son Alfred Dolan were heading to visit his allotment when the dog attacked in Manor Road, Sulgrave, Washington.

The animal bit with such force its teeth dug into her skin through her coat, taking out a chunk of flesh, and left her with injuries to her left hand and forearm.

The 62-year-old was helped by the dog's owner, who used a T-shirt to stem the flow of blood. Her 42-year-old son, passing police community support officers and two good Samaritans also helped as they waited for a paramedic.

She was first taken to South Tyneside District Hospital, but transferred to the University Hospital of North Durham because of the severity of the injuries.

She had been told plastic surgery would be needed to help close the largest of the wounds, but doctors later decided against it as the retired social worker is unable to be put under general anaesthetic easily because she suffers from allergies.

They managed to do the best they could using stitches and she is now recovering at home in Boldon, but Mrs Harvey will have to return to the unit later this week for another assessment.

The owner of the dog, an Anatolian Shepherd, was told to have the dog destroyed by police.

Mrs Harvey, a mother of six, grandmother-of-six and great-grandmother of two, said she wanted to warn others of such attacks and expressed concern the incident happened near to a school.

She said she also looks after her grandchildren, the youngest aged six-months, and it was lucky none of them were with her when the incident happened last Wednesday.

Mrs Harvey, who is taking antibiotics and painkillers as part of her treatment, said: "The dog jumped up just after I had passed it.

"I said to my son 'it's just bit me' and he said to let him have a look at your arm because I had on a coat and he said 'Mam you're going to need an ambulance'."

The dog, which is not classed as a dangerous breed, was on an extendable lead when it attacked.

Mrs Harvey's husband Michael, 65, said: "She would have normally had our grandchildren with her, who are just toddlers, and if it had bitten one of them, it would have been their whole arm."

Mrs Harvey said she would like to send her thanks to those who stopped to help and comfort her after the incident, including a woman called Denise who had been driving past and a man.

A spokesman for Northumbria Police said: "Police were called to Manor Road, Sulgrave, just after noon on Wednesday after reports that a dog had bitten a 62-year-old woman.

"The dog, a six-year-old Anatolian Shepherd, was being walked by its owner and was on a lead when it bit the woman on the arm as she walked past it.

"The woman was taken to South Tyneside Hospital for treatment following an incident.

"The owner took the dog to the vets of his own accord to have it destroyed. The dog was not a dangerous breed.

"Inquiries are ongoing."