Sunderland children’s adventure trail

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ACTIVE pupils are set for fun with their new adventure trail.

The children at St Benet’s Primary School have finally got the chance to try out their new playground equipment after years of fund-raising.

Jo Dooley, business manager at the Fulwell Road school, said the members of the Parents and Teachers Association (PTA), at the school had been running a long term project over a few years to raise £5,000 to pay for the trail.

The school added some funds and also got some money from the council community chest.

She said everyone is thrilled that the equipment is now up and running and the children are thoroughly enjoying it.

The school held an official opening ceremony for the adventure trail, so all the parents could see what the money had been spent on and the children could all try it out.

Mrs Dooley said: “There is a range of apparatus made out of wood for the children to climb on, such as balancing beams, which will help with their coordination and outdoor learning.”

And, the equipment, which will also be used by toddler groups in the area, will help keep the children fit while they are having fun.




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