Ancient Egyptians come alive at school

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THE Egyptians were brought to life by pupils at a County Durham primary school.

The children at Lumley Juniors celebrated the end of their term-long topic on Ancient Egyptians by having a big celebration day.

All the youngsters dressed in costumes from the era to take part in a full day of fun, including a visit from a history company to build a huge pyramid in the school hall.

All the Year 3 pupils, 47 children, took part in the event and had a really fun day.

Tracey Unwin, a members of staff at the Cocken Lane primary in Great Lumley, said: “The children enjoyed building an Egyptian pyramid, disemboweling a body and placing the innards into canopic jars, as well as wrapping two bodies in bandages.

“Children also got to use chisels to carve hieroglyphics into rock and make papyrus the Egyptian way. A tremendous time was had by all.”

The workshops was carried out by Charlie Lupton from the Make Your Own History company.




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