A tasty bit of history revealed

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AUTHENTIC medieval cuisine will be the highlight of a banquet designed to bring the past to life for staff, students and the public at Durham University.

The sold-out event has been organised by Durham University’s Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies and will not only feature food and drink from the time, but will follow many of the period’s traditions.

Dr Giles Gasper, co-director of the Institute for Medieval and Renaissance Studies said: “It’s one thing to know the practices and customs of the Medieval period, but to get the opportunity to bring them to life and experience some of the many flavours of the food and drink of the period is an emotive, engaging and therefore much more enjoyable way to understand the past.”

Durham University’s historical food expert Caroline Yeldham has been preparing the feast. She said: “The foods for this event are all high-status recipes which would’ve been served at royal and aristocratic tables.”

The event is held next Wednesday.