Dogs in vicious attack on pet

Purdy who was mauled to death by two dogs.
Purdy who was mauled to death by two dogs.
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A DEVASTATED cat lover has told how her pet was mauled to death by vicious dogs.

Hilary Reay was contacted by police in the early hours of Wednesday morning to say Purdy had been killed in a street near to their home in Fulwell by two pit bull terriers.

The heartbroken grandmother said a couple who witnessed the incident tried hard to get the dogs to release her cat, but by the time they let go, six-year-old Purdy was beyond saving and died minutes later.

She said: “The couple said the dogs were on their own when the attack took place and then a group of youths arrived, but didn’t seem to be able to control the dogs.

“After the dogs let go of Purdy, the youths made off with them.

“I just want to warn other cat owners because if they have attacked once, they will do it again.

“These dogs should be on leads if they are vicious, not wandering around in the middle of the night.

“Next time it could be a child they attack.”

Hilary, 60, said she fed Purdy, who was wearing a collar with an identity tag, at about 11pm on Tuesday and went to bed.

A couple of hours later police called to tell her about the attack by the two dogs, one of which was black and white and the other brown.

The attack happened in a back lane near Inverness Street.

She said: “We have a cat flap so she could go out when she wanted, but she never wandered far.

“We got her a year ago from a rescue centre and having being badly treated previously, she finally had a good life with us, so for her to die like this is devastating.”

Hilary, who has owned cats all her life, said she is now frightened to let her other cat, Harry, 15, out of the house.

She said: “After this, I will be very reluctant to let Harry out, but it is very unfair because cats are nocturnal and it is their nature to be out at night.”

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