Mum’s terror as she fought off ex-partner

Gary Monck
Gary Monck
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A TERRIFIED mum used a rolling pin to try and fend off a vicious assault by her ex-partner at her home.

Caroline Humphries, 32, was left with black eyes, damaged teeth, a swollen face and suspected fractured nose despite her brave efforts to protect herself from Gary Monck, 45.

The mother-of-three has been left so frightened she fears she will have to move home if Monck, who lives across the road, returns to his former address when he is released from a 16-month prison sentence for the attack.

Newcastle Crown Court heard Miss Humphries had reached for the kitchen utensil when her jealous ex turned up at her home and started attacking her as she sat on her doorstep in August.

Prosecutor Neil Pallister told the court: “The defendant repeatedly punched out at her.

“She closed her eyes and put her hands up to defend herself and managed to make it into the living room where she knew there was a rolling pin on the window sill.

“He was still punching her in the face.

“She hit him a couple of times between the legs. She hit him once to the head. He still continued to hit.”

The court heard Miss Humphries, who was covered in her own blood, managed to lock herself into a downstairs toilet and contacted the police.

The court heard the couple had been in an “on-off” relationship for over five years but she had become frightened of his temper and fed up of his controlling and jealous behaviour.

On the day of the assault Miss Humphries had visited a friend for the day, but was bombarded with abusive and threatening text messages warning “don’t come back” and “you think you are clever, just wait, I will give you the biggest shock of your life”.

When Monck was arrested after the attack, he told police he had been jealous and had gone to Miss Humphries’ house to try to resume their relationship.

Monck, of Hastings Street, Sunderland, admitted assault.

Caroline Goodwin, defending, said it was “not surprising” Miss Humphries had used the rolling pin to try and protect herself.

“It gave him a bit of a shock that she was actually prepared to stand up for herself,” she said. “It took him completely by surprise. He then continued to punch her.”

Judge James Goss jailed Monck for 16 months and ordered that he must stay away from Miss Humpries under the terms of an indefinite restraining order.

The judge said: “She has said if he comes back into that street she if going to have to move.”