‘It was just a joke’ – Ann Summers sex toy thief claims he’s just ‘a character’

Terry Telford, of Solar House, Sunderland,  in High Street West, Sunderland.

Terry Telford, of Solar House, Sunderland, in High Street West, Sunderland.

A THIEF who stole a sex toy has apologised, claiming it was just a prank that went wrong.

Terry Telford took the ‘Mr Tom’, valued at £18, from Ann Summers in High Street West, Sunderland.

The 49-year-old, of Solar House, was arrested shortly after and ended up in court. But he insists he is just “a character” who meant no harm.

However, he is now facing abuse from people who heard about his court appearance.

Telford said: “It was just supposed to be a laugh.

“My ex-mate had been calling me names, so for a prank I took it out of the shop and was going to stick it on his head.

“I took it to the Jameson pub, where he was. I only had it for about an hour, then I went back to the shop.

“It was just a bit of fun; I’m just a character.”

Telford claims he has also suffered homophobic abuse and rowed with his partner since the theft on August 1.

“My girlfriend thinks I’ve got another woman,” he said, “so she went berserk with me.

“I have had a right bad time. Some people have been unpleasant, but some of them have been supportive.”

The thief was given a 12-month conditional discharge after pleading guilty to the theft at Sunderland Magistrates’ Court on August 20.

The bench also ordered he pay £40 towards court costs and a £15 surcharge.

Telford is now barred from the Ann Summers store.




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