Council gets the salt in

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YOU can never have too much salt in winter.

South Tyneside Council is prepared for any potential cold snaps by stocking up on supplies, ready to grit roads and pathways across the borough.

The authority has used last year’s temperatures as guidance by increasing the amount of salt stock from 7,500 tonnes to 7,750 tonnes at its Middlefields depot.

The salt is applied as a vital safety measure across South Tyneside, spread on roads before ice forms and on footpaths after snowfall.

The gritting process allows South Tyneside to keep moving during any severe weather conditions.

It is crucial for road users, pedestrians and the business community.

The salt comes from a quarry in Whitby, North Yorkshire as part of a regional supply contract.

The community section of the South Tyneside Council website is the best place for residents to visit for any bad weather updates, at, or by calling 427 7000.