Cat uses one of lives

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A PET owner has been reunited with his cat after it survived almost a week in a neighbour’s car engine.

Chris Smith, 51, feared his black and white cat Shearer was never going to return to his home in Chester-le-Street after going missing last Monday.

But, unbeknown to Chris, his eight-year-old pet had made a new home for himself in the engine of neighbour Katie Barrass-Brown’s Peugeot 308.

Katie was alerted to the new addition to her engine when she noticed a tuft of fur poking out of the bonnet.

The 37-year-old was getting ready to start the engine when she discovered the cat, named after the former Newcastle United striker Alan Shearer.

She identified the cat’s owner from his collar.

However, it was not until the fire brigade rescued the pet that he was reunited with his owner.