Can you help us tell Wearside's wartime tale?

Our special souvenir magazine at the end of the month will aim to show today's generation the role played by Wearsiders in the Second World War

and the extent of the damage wreaked by the Luftwaffe. But we need the help of readers to plug some gaps left by strict wartime censorship of material – so please take a look at the pictures in this page ...

THE pictures we publish would have been banned at the time they were taken.

Wartime censorship meant no material could be published if there was any possibility it could be of use to the enemy.

The Echo's archives have all the marks – literally – of the Ministry of Information censor in Leeds.

Sixty years on, with the help of our readers, we are trying to fill in the gaps, for publication in a special souvenir magazine to celebrate the anniversary of the end of the Second World War and the role Wearsiders played in winning it. So – can anyone help identify today's pictures?

Sunderland's shipyards, heavy industry and docks were all key targets for the Luftwaffe bombers – and these pictures quite clearly show that the Germans had scored a hit.

Any copy or pictures which could identify targets or the extent of the damage was ruled out, so we don't know now where precisely these pictures were taken in the port area, or the extent of the damage.

Pictures show workers helping to clear up the debris and salvage what they can. Would anyone with any information please contact us as soon as possible?

Write to: Carol Roberton, Features Desk, Echo House, Sunderland SR4 9ER (or drop a note into one of our offices), e-mail or tel: 0191 5017241.

The results will be published in our souvenir magazine, along with amazing photographs showing the devastation wreaked across Wearside in relentless air raids which left Sunderland one of the seven most heavily bombed towns and cities in Britain.

And there we will tell again, for the first time in 60 years, some of the stories of heroic deeds at home and abroad which appeared, day after day, in the wartime pages of the Echo.

* Our magazine will be distributed FREE with your Echo on Saturday April 30. Be sure your order is in at the newsagent. Additional copies, at 50p each, will be available for sale separately during May.

Publish Date: 15 April 2005