Can you give one of these Sunderland cats a home?

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AN animal rescue charity is calling on Wearsiders to find a place in their hearts and homes for abandoned cats.

Pawz For Thought says the recession is causing a “national disaster” for pets.

Over the past year, the Sunderland organisation has seen an increase in calls from people needing to rehome animals because of financial difficulties, lost jobs, added pressure on relationships and couples splitting up.

As the number of calls for help has risen, enquiries from people looking to adopt have fallen, said Pawz for Thought director Lynne Ebdale.

She continued: “This has created a situation where we are full to the point of not being able to help even the very desperate, because we have no more room.

“However, more room is not the answer. There are too many animals and not enough decent, stable homes for them.”

Lynne Ebdale of Paws For Thought with dogs Jaq (left) and Josie.

Lynne Ebdale of Paws For Thought with dogs Jaq (left) and Josie.

The group recently took in 19 cats from one home alone, even though its numbers were already high.

Lynne said: “Pawz for Thought’s animals go out on a lifetime contract.

“This means that if people’s circumstances change we will always take our animals back into our care.

“This gives people adopting from us peace of mind as no-one knows what the future holds for them and circumstances can change.

“This also means that if an older person, who perhaps has not taken on another animal due to the fact that they feel they don’t want to burden their families, find their circumstances change, they can contact us and we will endeavour to match them with their perfect companion.

“This not only benefits people adopting, as they then gain a companion, but it would be of great benefit to our cats, who are sitting patiently waiting for a warm home for the winter with someone to pamper and lavish attention on them.

“Our cats love being talked to.”

If you would like to adopt, visit or call 549 1982 or 0771 877 1591.

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