Sunderland salon offers teenagers skin treatment in bid to curb suicide-linked acne drug

Teenagers with acne are being offered half-price 'blue-light' treatment at Pure Bliss on Sea Road in Fulwell.

Teenagers with acne are being offered half-price 'blue-light' treatment at Pure Bliss on Sea Road in Fulwell.

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A BEAUTY salon is offering alternative skin treatments in a bid to prevent teens taking a controversial drug.

Pure Bliss, Fulwell, is trialling a clear skin course to highlight the use of light therapy which can help cure acne.

Salon owner Lisa Watson said she wants parents and their children to know there are other treatments available before they take Roaccutane, which has been linked to depression, leading to suicide.

“I watched a programme a couple of months ago about the drug and was shocked to see that it has been linked to depression and young people committing suicide,” she said.

“It is available on prescription from a dermatologist and is only supposed to be given for the most severe cases of acne, but one of the people on the programme only had spots on his back and he was given it.

“We use Omnilux light therapy in the salon, and I wanted to start offering it half price to teens with severe acne to show that there are other treatments out there, and to make it accessible to them.”

The clear skin course uses a special blue light, which penetrates into the skin to stop the spread of the bacteria that causes acne.

A red light is also used to reduce inflammation of the skin and assist in its healing process.

“We do two sessions of the blue light, then one of the red, and repeat that,” said Lisa. “We’ll also offer other treatments – such as micro-dermabrasion – if the therapists think that is required.

“I don’t want to go against any doctors, I just want to let people know about alternative therapies.”

The course of eight treatments will be offered to teenagers with a severe case of acne for £145. The salon also gives skin care advice to stop acne.

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