North East firms are wary of taking on former public sector workers

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HOPES the private sector would make up for the loss of Government jobs lost across the North East have been hit by a new report which claims firms are wary of taking on public sector workers.

The Barclays Job Creation Survey 2012 quizzed 670 executives of UK businesses of all sizes.

It found that while the majority of firms plan to create new jobs this year, North East companies were more sceptical than most about taking on former public sector workers.

Sixty-four per cent in the region thought ex-public sector workers were not sufficiently equipped to take up a position in their business, compared to 53 per cent nationally.

Brian Thorpe, Barclays head of North East for corporate banking, Barclays, said:“ There is still a disconnect between public sector workers and private sector employers, with a persistent element of mistrust of the former by latter.

“This is something that needs to be challenged directly if we are to have a fluid employment market place that allows people to move between the public and private sector easily, bringing the best of both worlds to their roles.

“It is good to see smaller companies more confident.”