‘Booze will kill me if I don’t quit’ – controversial councillor collapses after heavy drinking

CONCERN ....Coun. David Potts is concerned about Travellers on West Pastures West Boldon.
CONCERN ....Coun. David Potts is concerned about Travellers on West Pastures West Boldon.
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A CONTROVERSIAL councillor today admitted he would soon be dead if he didn’t quit boozing for good.

Self-confessed alcoholic Coun David Potts, who represents UKIP in Cleadon and East Boldon, is reecivering in hospital after collapsing following a bout of heavy drinking in Scotland.

The 30-year-old was initially taken to hospital in Edinburgh before being transferred to Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, where he is awaiting the results of a biopsy to determine the extent of damage to his liver.

Speaking from his hospital bed he said: “I have to stop drinking. If I don’t I will die, it’s as simple as that.

“I may die anyway, it may already be too late, but I’ll definitely die if I don’t stop. I have no choice.”

Coun Potts also revealed he could consume up to 70 units of alcohol a day - the recommended limit is just three to four.

His day would start by downing a bottle of vodka before he went to his work as a financial investor.

The former Tory would sip from a hip flask filled with vodka during the morning and consume up to eight gin and tonics at lunchtime.

The afternoon at work followed a similar pattern, and he would often down several pints of strong lager in the evening.

Despite warnings he was placing his life at risk, Coun Potts, who has had several spells in rehab, continued to drink, on occasions heavily, leading to his collapse in Scotland.

He said: “At least I’ve got a chance. I’m a fighter and I’m fighting on. We need to see the results of the biopsy, to see if it’s cirrhotic, and take it from there.

“I don’t feel sorry for myself, I’ve brought this on myself. I am paying now for my addiction to alcohol.

“I’d warn other young people to take a lesson from my book. Alcoholism is ugly and pernicious.”