Are these the sexiest Sunderland and Newcastle strips ever?

Fashion designer Angy Morton has torn a strip off the Black Cats.

Avante garde designer Angy has created a range of fantasy evening wear using the soccer strips of some of the UK's top teams – including Sunderland.

But her footie fashion has been shown the red card by some of the game's big names.

Sunderland and Newcastle have both given her their blessing, as has leading sportswear manufacturers Umbro, but she's had a resounding no from Chelsea and Liverpool who have said she can't use their logo or trademark – despite the fact that the dresses are not for sale.

She intends to get round the ban by making some minor alterations to ensure the one-off pieces can take to the catwalk.

Angy will unveil her designs at a catwalk event at Newcastle's Eldon Gardens on Thursday.

"Stolen Dreams is a unique fusion of fashion and football which has been inspired by the ups and downs of top flight football," she said.

"This is an artistic collection. All of my outfits are unique, one-off designs created to raise my profile as a new designer and awareness of my rather unusual creativity.

"They are not intended for sale."