VIDEO: Unique aeroplane hoisted to new home at Sunderland museum

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IT WAS up, up and away for a unique old aeroplane.

The Hawker Siddeley Trident 1C was brought to the North East Land, Sea and Air Museum in 2011, when enthusiasts realised it was the last remaining passenger plane of its kind in the world.

Since then, the team has raised thousands in a bid to restore the plane to its former glory.

With the museum expanding, the group had to move the huge fuselage across the site, using a crane to avoid damaging the undercarriage at the weekend.

Team member Matt Falcus thanked MSD cranes for offering to do the lifting at a cut-down price and said he felt nervous every time the plane was made airborne.

“It’s quite an old plane and it’s had the wings cut off so we’re hoping it all stands up when it’s landed again,” he added.