TV channel to showcase new talent

Organisers of the charity event at Cheers are Amy Pink (left) and Kelly Anderson (right) with some of the youngsters and characters taking part.
Organisers of the charity event at Cheers are Amy Pink (left) and Kelly Anderson (right) with some of the youngsters and characters taking part.
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POTENTIAL stars are getting ready to hit the small screen in their search for fame.

Singers, songwriters, rappers and sportsmen will feature in a new TV programme on Sky channel 203 – My Channel – to showcase their talents.

Give Me A Style, from production company Zoomit TV, is gathering some of the city’s best personalities for the show which will begin airing in May.

Former Sunderland University media production student Eddie Baptiste, 35, is behind it.

He said: “I want to make programmes specifically for the North East, and I wanted to work in Sunderland because I have got friends in the city and know there is a lot of talent.

“I know a lot of people who work hard for no recognition, then you see some talentless people who become famous for nothing.

“There are people getting nowhere who are genuinely talented, so I’m hoping the programme will give them a platform to be seen.”

Sunderland songbird Lana Kennedy, 27, of Grindon, is taking part in the show, which began filming last week at an event at Cheers in Hendon.

The evening, organised by Amy Pink, owner of Sunderland PR company Pink Entertainment, included a host of activities for children such as Easter egg hunts and performances from entertainers involved in filming Give Me a Style.

Amy will present the programme when it airs later in the spring.

Mother-of-two Lana auditioned for the X Factor and The Voice in the past, and is hoping this programme will help her get recognised.

“I think this will help me because people will see I can sing, and my Twitter followers and Facebook likes will go up,” she said.

“It will give me confidence and hopefully lead to better things.

“Even if it doesn’t, it might help others, and it will show people the talent in the North East.”

The crew will follow the personalities for about six months, but having the cameras capture her every move doesn’t phase Lana.

“I’m not nervous,” she said. “I’m looking forward to it.

“They filmed me for the first time last night, and I took my children along so they could see what was happening.

“They were proud of me, and that made me proud.”

Three episodes of Give Me a Style will pilot in early May, and other Wearsiders to feature include rapper Baby B, and singers Ronnie Stokell, and Eddie Miller, who are working together for the first time.

Father-of-two Eddie is working full time at G4S to fund the project.

“I’m working on the production company in my free time,” he said.

“My wife is very supportive because she knows it is something I love to do.

“I have presented before, I am a producer and director, and I write scripts myself. I am passionate about it, and I hope people enjoy it.”