Tony Jeffries’ L.A. Diary: The medal-winning boxer tells of his Hollywood exploits

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I’ve been back in Los Angeles for just over two months and I’ve already done two TV commercials.

Now I know why they say this is the land of opportunity, because I didn’t go looking to be in a commercial. They asked me!

I was getting back into the Hollywood lifestyle when I was asked by a huge Los Angeles company to be the “technical advisor” to help them out with a multimillion-dollar Coca Cola TV boxing commercial.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but I accepted the offer immediately. The reason they wanted me was because they were setting the scene for an Olympic-style boxing event and they needed me to show them exactly where the ring was, how many judges there are, what they wore and where the officials sat.

So here’s little old me from Sunderland, who never really stuck in at school and did no exams, standing there telling these top TV people what to do in a huge Hollywood Coca Cola commercial.

I was working alongside a well-known director, producer and team of about 70 people setting the scene up. They loved me and even said: “I don’t know what we would have done without you”.

As well as being the technical advisor, they asked me to be an extra in it as well.

It’s ridiculous the amount of time, effort and money goes into a 30-second TV advert. It really opened my eyes.

When I was there on a dinner break I was watching ESPN sports on TV then another commercial I did five weeks ago came on and I popped up on it!

It’s so surreal how life pans out, but at the minute mine is going great, considering my hands are still bad.