Babies could soon get 5 in 1 vaccination from birth

A one-shot jab to protect newborns against meningitis and other fatal infections has been developed by scientists.
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Fancy getting out and about for English Tourism Week?

Unmissable events for English Tourism Week

Celebrate English tourism, vibrant visitor experiences and world-renowned attractions during English Tourism Week, which starts tomorrow.

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The toy has been recalled.

Toy recalled due to safety risk from batteries

The British distributor of a childrens’ toy has taken steps to recall the product, warning that there is a risk of injury if owners attempt to change the battery.
What will you buying for your mam this Mother's Day?

Nine gifts for Sunderland mams this Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, we've taken a look at some of the best gifts for Sunderland mams, saving sons and daughters searching them out themselves.
A carbon monoxide alarm could save the lives of your family. Pic:PA/thinkstockphotos.

The cheap safety device which could save your family's life

British parents spend hundreds of pounds on safety features to protect their children - yet new research reveals a third of them fail to invest in a cheap device that could save their child’s life.

Mind-reading, super strength and heat vision to cook dinner - 55% of kids think their parents have super powers

Mind-reading, super strength and heat vision to cook dinner - 55% of kids think their parents have super powers

Kids really do think their parents are superheroes - with more than half believing their mums can read their minds.
How many of these foods have your children tried?

How many of these exotic foods have your children tried?

Millions of modern children have already had their first taste of olives, houmous and quinoa before the age of five, a study has found.
Dads can suffer from postnatal depression too, says our expert.

Family life: Can dads suffer from postnatal depression too?

Q: “I’ve just had my first baby and while I feel fine, my husband seems low. Could his depression be linked to the baby – I thought it was just mothers who got postnatal depression?”

Would you know how to give a child basic first aid treatment?

Family: Why parents should brush up on their first aid

Although more than 60 children a year die in accidents in the home, almost a quarter of parents admit they don’t have any baby or child first aid knowledge.

What's your favourite vegetable? Picture: PA.

Almost half of UK children refuse to eat their vegetables

Almost half of British children REFUSE to eat vegetables, according to a new study of parents.
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Is everything is your world turning pink?

It’s a dad’s life: It appears I’m trendy, living in a pink world

There is no getting away from the fact that I live in a world of pink. That’s right, the colour associated with femininity, romance and sensitivity is everywhere I look.

Lifestyle changes can help women become pregnant.

Ask the expert: What lifestyle changes will help me get pregnant?

Q: “We’ve been trying for a baby for six months, but I’m not pregnant yet. What lifestyle changes can we make to have the best chance of conceiving?”

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Knitting is one of the traditional skills which mums are no longer passing on to their children.

Family: Are Youtube life skills tutorials taking parents’ place?

Research suggests mums are no longer passing on many basic domestic skills to their kids.

How much TV do you let your children watch? Picture: Shutterstock.

Too much TV is ‘like heroin’ for children

Just two hours of telly a day is leaving young children unprepared for school, a study shows.

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Janet and Gordon Whitehead celebrate their Golden Wedding Anniversary.

Man and wife to say ‘I still do’ as they renew vows 50 years on

A devoted couple will mark five decades of marriage today by renewing their vows.

Sunderland's National Glass Centre features in the new top 50 list of free national tourist attractions.

Eight leading North East tourist attractions to visit for free during the February half-term holidays

Eight tourist attractions feature in a new list of the top 50 free places to visit for free this half-term.
What are your plans for half term?

Five tips to keep the kids occupied during half term

Can you believe it's here already? Another half-term holiday ...

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An army of grandparents looking after their grandchildren are collectively saving parents more than 16billion a year in formal childcare costs.

Grandparents save working families £1,786 a year in childcare costs

An army of grandparents are saving parents more than £16billion a year in childcare costs.

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Do you get stressed over bills and expenses? Picture: Shutterstock.

Adults pay bills of £1.2m over lifetime

Brits will part with almost £1.2million on household bills in their lifetime, according to a new study.

Tax-Free Childcare is designed to allow more parents to get back to work.

10 things every parent should know about Tax-Free Childcare

Changes are being made to the financial support available to families, enabling more parents to go out to work.

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