Man and wife to say ‘I still do’ as they renew vows 50 years on

A devoted couple will mark five decades of marriage today by renewing their vows.

Sunderland's National Glass Centre features in the new top 50 list of free national tourist attractions.

Eight leading North East tourist attractions to visit for free during the February half-term holidays

Eight tourist attractions feature in a new list of the top 50 free places to visit for free this half-term.
What are your plans for half term?

Five tips to keep the kids occupied during half term

Can you believe it's here already? Another half-term holiday ...

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An army of grandparents looking after their grandchildren are collectively saving parents more than 16billion a year in formal childcare costs.

Grandparents save working families £1,786 a year in childcare costs

An army of grandparents are saving parents more than £16billion a year in childcare costs.

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Do you get stressed over bills and expenses? Picture: Shutterstock.

Adults pay bills of £1.2m over lifetime

Brits will part with almost £1.2million on household bills in their lifetime, according to a new study.

Tax-Free Childcare is designed to allow more parents to get back to work.

10 things every parent should know about Tax-Free Childcare

Changes are being made to the financial support available to families, enabling more parents to go out to work.

Valentine's Day.

Romantic gestures rule for over-50s on Valentine's Day

Over-50s won't be sucked into the commercial side of Valentine's Day this year, a survey has revealed.

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Partick Thistles terrifying mascot Kingsley in pursuit of Pudsey Bear  (Pic: John Devlin).

Beards, boiled eggs and bagels - children’s 40 biggest fears

Spiders, dogs and the dark are among British children's biggest fears - while beards, boiled eggs and bagels are among the most peculiar, according to new research.

How much time would you say you spend on chores?

The top 10 things that get in the way of spending quality time with your kids

Parents spend more time on household chores than they do playing with their children, a study has found.

A ride-on replica of Cars' Lightning McQueen has been tipped as one of 2017's top toys - despite costing a whopping 200.

Top toys to hit the shelves in 2017

A ride-on replica of a Disney toy car has been tipped as one of 2017s top toys - despite costing a whopping £200.

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How many of these things do you know?

49 things only dads of daughters will know

Dads, assemble! Because here's a list of all the things you should know if you have a daughter at home.

Would you get acupuncture for your baby?

Would you stick needles in your baby to stop it crying?

Acupuncture may stop babies suffering from colic from crying too much, according to new research.
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Will you be looking for ways to save money this year?

Five really easy ways to end up with more money in 2017

January may be a tight month, but it is also one where you can take a few simple steps to have a better financial start to the year.

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The safety warning notice for Playtime Beds.

Parents urged to stop using Playtime Beds NOW after baby's death

Parents are being urged to stop using a range of cots and children's beds IMMEDIATELY after they were linked to the sudden death of a baby.

A new app has been released by Public Health England to help parents make healthy choices. Picture: PA.

English children 'consume half of daily sugar allowance at breakfast'

Sugar-laden breakfasts mean that the nation's children are consuming half of their daily sugar allowance before they even start school, health officials have warned.
Christmas is a happy occasion when people are together.

SUNDERLAND CARES: Friendships that will last a lifetime

There is no formula for friendship. It is forged in many ways – whispering at the back of a classroom, sharing gossip at the coffee machine or laughing in the pub.


How to create a Santa flight path straight to YOUR home

Air traffic controllers are preparing for the world’s most important flight of the year.

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Five toys to make your kids go 'wow!' this Christmas

There's not long now until Christmas, but are you still looking for a 'big present' to make your kids go 'wow!'?
What do you think is the most useful parenting product? Picture: Shutterstock.

The 10 baby products new parents DON'T need

It's highly likely you'll have a list as long as your arm when it comes to buying for your newborn.

Santa Claus

Is Santa sexist if he gives your daughter a doll for Christmas?

In the run-up to Christmas, many of us, whether we are parents or not, will want to buy a toy as a present for a little boy or girl.
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