Cook what you grow... neeps and tatties haystacks

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THIS is another one of those “don’t dare throw out any food after Christmas” recipes – especially if you went to the trouble of unearthing the turnips on Christmas Eve!

We didn’t want a traditional Boxing Day fry-up this year, so it was a case of what do I do with all this leftover mash and turnip?

They’re a change to the usual rissoles I end up making and they freeze very well (that’s why we are eating them now).

Being made of potato and turnip (swede to southerners and seed catalogues), they make a change to the usual neeps and tatties you get with your haggis on Burns’ Night.

Just douse your haggis in whisky (and cream if that’s your thing) and you’re all set for a verse of two of Auld Lang Syne.

As ever, the quantities are dependent on what you have lying around.

Leftover mashed potato and turnip (swede)

Fresh nutmeg

Fresh parsley

A little butter

Combine all ingredients and beat well.

Only add extra salt and pepper if you must, as you’ll already have seasoned the veg.

(If cooking potato and swede from scratch, add milk or cream, and butter while mashing.

Season with salt and pepper.)

Put in fridge for an hour or so to make shaping easier.

Make palm-sized “haystack” shapes and rough up the surfaces with a fork.

Dot haystacks with butter.

Bake in a medium oven, 200C, 400F, Gas Mark 6, or until golden and the peaks are crispy.