Richard Ord

RICHARD ORD: Dog dirt delivers another fine mess

Anyone who tells you throwing money at a problem is not the answer to a problem, obviously hasn’t had kids.

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RICHARD ORD: Love is...never having to say ‘how much?’

RICHARD ORD: Love is...never having to say ‘how much?’

Love is … a tacit agreement not to ‘waste’ money on Valentine’s Day gifts or cards.

So sue me! An embarrassing photo of Isaac from the archives.

RICHARD ORD: Fight for the right to embarrass offspring

Our Isaac, 13, was sitting in the front room with his pal Henry watching TV. Perfect, I thought, his guard is down.

Sunderland players (left to right) Darron Gibson, John O'Shea, Bryan Oviedo and Joleon Lescott. Picture by FRANK REID

A face to face dressing down from a fan didn’t do Kevin Ball any harm - Sunderland’s players could do with more of the same

When Kevin Ball first arrived in Sunderland he was, he is fond of retelling, given a dressing down on his performance from an irate fan in a Chinese takeaway.

Sunderland 2
James Dean

RICHARD ORD: Rebel without a pair of sensible trousers

I noticed my son heading off to school in a pair of unflattering shorts the other day.

Ambulance services are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with rising demand for urgent and emergency services, according to the National Audit Office.

Our ambulance service needs emergency treatment – but will the response be quick enough?

If the ambulance service were a patient, we’d be dialling 999.

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RICHARD ORD: Snack attacks prove to be a burning issue

RICHARD ORD: Snack attacks prove to be a burning issue

Hats off to the team at the Food Standards Agency who are the verge of tremendous breakthrough: they may have finally extracted all pleasure from eating.

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Top tip on getting a decent kip: Dont drink a gallon of coffee at bedtime

RICHARD ORD: Goodbye Heroin Chic, hello Cocoa Chic

My 16-year-old son looked me up and down. “Dad, you look like such a ... a ...” he struggled for the right word. Then it came to him. “You look such a dad.”

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A giant metal soldier towering just under six metres, made from scrap metal by blacksmith Martin Galbavy, for a private client to commemorate the First World War. Picture PA Wire

RICHARD ORD: How to get around the litter of the law

I’ve had less grief for missing a wedding anniversary than I have for missing bin collection day.

One lump or 22? War is declared on sugar lumps in 2017.

RICHARD ORD: No sweet start to New Year - official

Reviews of 2016 have been banned. Apparently nothing good happened.

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Bradley, left, and Richard Ord.

RICHARD ORD: Football’s loss is bouncing’s gain

My football playing days appear to have been brought to an abrupt end by the most unlikeliest of career ending phenomena … trampolines!

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The Cinderella cast take a bow.

REVIEW: Cinderella, Theatre Royal, Newcastle

A flying horse-drawn carriage saw Cinderella arrive in spectacular panto style ... but it was a sell out Theatre Royal who had a ball.

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RICHARD ORD: Why the brutal truth is the best medicine

RICHARD ORD: Why the brutal truth is the best medicine

Our doctors’ surgery is having a bit of a makeover at the moment.

Brad Ord

RICHARD ORD: Smells like teen spirit ... or arrogance musk

My eldest boy turned 16 this week. Well, I say turned, he more swaggered 16 this week.

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Bah humbug! Ebeneezer Scrooge.

RICHARD ORD: Fashion’s not pulling the wool over my eyes

International Men’s Day was missed in the Ord household … again.

Fashion! Who cares? Like Les Dawson, be comfortable  in your own skin.

RICHARD ORD: The 50-plus world according to Dave

Reasons to be cheerful at 50! They’re like buses. You don’t see any for ages, then nine come at once.

The former Vaux brewery site is one of those set to be redeveloped by Siglion.

RICHARD ORD: Crossed off George Clarke’s Christmas card list

Just what you needed, another explosive war of words in the Twittersphere. Forget Trump v Clinton, now it’s Clarke v Ord. The heavyweight TV architect versus the paperweight Echo columnist.

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George Clarke

RICHARD ORD: By George, he doesn’t half talk some tripe!

My question of the week is this: Just what did TV architect George Clarke expect to see from the banks of the River Wear?

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RICHARD ORD: Three cheers for the middle-age moaners

RICHARD ORD: Three cheers for the middle-age moaners

Almost a year ago I began work on compiling a list of reasons to be cheerful after turning 50 … I’m up to three.

Striking beard oil.

RICHARD ORD: Combing history for origins of beard oil

Remember when I told you about my trip to the Turkish barbers?

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