David Preece

David Preece: Kevin Ball slaughtered my Paisley signing-on tie but Simon Grayson’s making better first impression

Anyone has ever experienced the joy of being driven around in any car that I’ve owned will tell you it’s an extension of my home. A kind of mobile annex or garage conversion on wheels.

Sunderland AFC 2
Virgil van Dijk

David Preece: Perhaps Virgil van Dijk is not as clever as he thinks

There are many things I regret not happening to me as a player.

Sunderland AFC 5
Darron Gibson

David Preece: Sunderland risk being dragged back in time after latest troubles

Happy 20th anniversary, everyone! Well, it would have been a happy one if it wasn’t for the fixture being hijacked by far-right antagoniser Tommy Robinson and visiting Celtic fans, the 5-0 defeat and then the ensuing fall-out from the Darron Gibson video that materialised from that evening’s festivities.

Sunderland AFC 8
Aiden McGeady

David Preece: Mercurial Aidan McGeady is the kind of talisman that Sunderland need

Never have I wanted a season to begin more than I do now.

Sunderland AFC 10
Sunderland boss Simon Grayson

David Preece: Simon Grayson is a sensible appointment by Sunderland at a testing time

Without great fanfare and as understated as ever, Simon Grayson became Sunderland’s 34th manager.

Sunderland AFC 5
Hartlepool players returned to training this week ahead of their National League campaign.

David Preece: Forget pre-season worries, most players just want a club

No matter how much ex-footballers tell you they hated pre-season, you’d have been hard pushed to find much evidence of back-to-school-blues come that first day back to training.

Sunderland AFC 2
Derek McInnes.

David Preece: Sunderland are left with managerial scraps from uninspiring list – just like with past transfers

Derek McInnes’s rejection wasn’t a surprise.

Sunderland AFC 14
Jordan Pickford

David Preece: Why Jordan Pickford’s Everton move makes sense – £30m will be a bargain

Jordan Pickford to Everton is just about the perfect move for him at this stage in his career and makes sense for everyone concerned.

Sunderland AFC 3
Simon Grayson has been linked with the Sunderland job.

David Preece: Sunderland players will be hoping appointment of new boss happens sooner rather than later

It will be a strange time for the players who are still under contract at the Stadium of Light this summer.

Sunderland AFC
Gianluigi Buffon

David Preece: Catwalk cool, the Chanel of goalkeeping – Gianluigi Buffon is greatest ever

Ronaldo or Messi? It’s a question that will be discussed until the day only cockroaches roam the Earth and all its land is barren.

Sunderland AFC 4
Former Sunderland boss David Moyes

David Preece: Sunderland deserve a boss who thinks he can do the job and wants to be here. That would be a start.

You can divide the world into two halves; those who can and those who can’t. Almost from the very moment the season began at the Stadium of Light, David Moyes became a can’t.

Sunderland AFC 19
Empty seats at the Stadium of Light on Saturday.

David Preece: EVERYONE at Sunderland should have shown appreciation to fans

The words echoed around the Stadium of Light on Saturday afternoon: ‘At least we’ll win a few more games next season’.

Sunderland AFC 19
Aaron Lennon

David Preece: Not just footballers have problems, but we don’t have to handle them alone

I had been in bed for three days.

Sunderland AFC 2
Dejected Sunderland players walk off after defeat to Bournemouth confirmed relegation.

David Preece: Difficult to imagine that this year’s relegation will be a catalyst for Sunderland like drop in 1997

So that’s that then.

Sunderland AFC 8
Sam Allardyce, when times were good on Wearside.

David Preece: North East once a hot bed of football, now it’s being dragged across the coals

It all started so well. The alarm on my iPhone went off at 6.30am. I’d left the curtains open so the sunlight would force me up and out of bed. It did.

Sunderland AFC 2
Steven Gerrard.

David Preece: Academy pressure can leave kids hating game they once loved

In football utopia, all footballers would be as balletic in their movements as Rudolf Nureyev with the deftness of touch Michaelangelo had with a paintbrush.

Sunderland AFC 4
Jordan Pickford: Bidding war on the way for Sunderland's outstanding young keeper.

David Preece: Outdated Sunderland need this football revolution

In the end, it was a procession. Manchester United never really had to move out of second gear and when they did put their foot down, invariably they scored.

Sunderland AFC 28
Comedian Jim Davidson sprang to David Moyes defence

David Preece: Let’s not turn clock back to 1970s – David Moyes’ comments wouldn’t have been funny then, either

There are still some men who think there is no place in football for women. It’s a man’s game, you see.

Sunderland AFC 10
Jermain Defoe scored for England during the international break

David Preece: How I feared a Mafia hit one international break – but it was just a marriage proposal

International breaks aren’t something to be looked forward to these days. Except, perhaps, by the players who are left behind, giving them the chance to sun themselves in Dubai for a few days.

Sunderland AFC 6
The old Vaux brewery

David Preece: Sunderland as a city and club must fight apathy and connect with people again

When I left home, I vowed I’d never return to Sunderland to live until I had become a success.

Sunderland AFC 14
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